Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Blogging Portfolio

With the end of the class fast approaching, I have been asked to create a portfolio of my blogging this semester.

This blog has gone through several changes since its inception. In the beginning, the blog started as a commentary of current events set to music. Over time, I dropped that idea as I was struggling with it and others were doing it better.

Also, I did attempt a name change at one point. I was considering changing the name to G.R.I.M. (the Guilty Ramblings of an Innocent Man). However, My First Attempt, originally a place holder name, fit more as all of my titles began with My...

The origin of the My... titles began as a "mistake." After the first post, The Beginning, my next two posts happened to start with My... After that, I kept up the string as most posts were my commentary on current events and different forms of media.

Some posts, I liked and, perhaps, didn't get the response I wanted. Some, I was surprised at the high number of responses. And some, were intricately crafted and got a response that I particularly enjoyed.

My Drug of Choice

First, I would like to highlight an early post that got a strong reaction. My Drug of Choice began as a post about my favorite coffee but became something larger as I discussed the small ways that New Orleans was coming back after Hurricane Katrina.

We discussed in class the nature of blogging is that many times the "best posts" do just that -- use a small item to expound upon a larger topic.

However, this is early blogging for me and as you can see there were only two links in the post. Later posts used far more links and graphics. (Hey, looky there, I'm demonstrating my growth!)

My Career Aspirations

I was really proud of a very recent post that, unnfortunately, didn't recieve the attention that I desired -- although I'm not sure what I expected. My Career Aspirations was designed as a link-laden post to discuss my three favorite journalists (perhaps, I need to do one about my literary favorites).

The origins of blogging began as a compilation of links and, I believe that this demonstrates that relatively well. The links were more informative than "cool."

My Mixtape Experiment

The last post of the "best of" that I would like to highlight is one that made me particularly proud. My Mixtape Experiment was a response to a assignment in which we were asked to push the limits and do something that we wouldn't normally do.

My blog began as a news commentary or personal commentary, this post change the blog. From this point on, I attempted to invent new content and push the envelope.

The posts took me nearly two days (not consecutively) to finish due to my relative lack of experience.

I was able to mainpulate photo sizes and provide links and commentary on each song or artist.

This post was well-recieved, and I appreciated that based on the work I put into it.

As a side note, my experience is such now that my blogging was sped up so that I won't take two days anymore.

The aforementioned blogposts represent what I feel is my best blogging, as well as my technical growth as a blogger. However, it was not all greatness.

The Spanish Post

This was one of the posts that I tried to create something outside the box. I attempted to make a statement by putting my thoughts on immigration into Spanish. At the end, the translators link didn't work, and no amount of my work could fix the link so the post sits there.

I am proud that I tried something new, but for most that one broken link takes what could have been a very good post, and turned it into a post that goes here.

Some of my favorite comments came out of some of my favorite posts over on The Hamster's Wheel.

Hey, Red!

This post was outstanding and I was eager to post a comment. I hoped to add from my own experience.

The Electricity Post

Once again, I thought something from my own experience would add to the conversation. In most of my comments, I'm not sure they really expanded the convversation, but I tried.

All in all, I am proud of my blog and look forward to any comments I recieve on my new posts and ideas as they come up.


Blogger discovery said...

I think it would be a good idea to alk about your appraoch and mode of thought in creating your blog in your portfolio. for instance, I noticed that all of your post start with "My." what's the logic behind that. My interpretation is that in each blog you explore a different aspect of yourself. Tell us your blogging concept.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I agree with your choices for good posts, as I enjoyed them all. I think you still need to add the posts that you found weaker than others and relate your portfolio to what we discused and read in class.

12:25 PM  
Blogger EL said...

I thought you had some good commentary about the posts you liked and because you aren't highlighting any of the bad ones you could expound a little more on why you liked them. I would like to hear more about The Mix Tape Experiment too (where the idea came from, troubles you had creating it, etc.) because like others I really enjoyed that post.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I agree with andrea about including weaker posts as well. If you felt like you stuck with a central concept or theme (as discovery mentions) it would be good to discuss that also. Also, my suggestion would be to elaborate on your commentary about each post a little bit more. What is good? Why is that good? Not just in your opinion, but as we talked in class (your "use a small item to expound on a larger topic" is a good example of this). Also, you might want to either put a heading for each blog entry or try to keep it to a single paragraph. Right now you have a lot of one sentence paragraphs that talk about the same thing -- just to make it easier to read. Good job! Great start! Good luck finishing!

12:32 PM  
Blogger J L said...

You are a bigger news junkie than I thought.

I would like to see some things about weaker posts. And maybe some more commentary about the strong posts. It seems like your post have specific reasons for writing. I would like to know why you wrote some of your best work. Maybe you can tap into that inspiration for future posts or stories.

12:43 PM  
Blogger KR said...

I really liked your theme on this blog this semester. Early on the "my" pattern caught my eye, and I thought it was really creative.

One of your links didn't work---to the My drug of choice post. Other than that, just don't forget the comments requirement and kind of connect some of the posts back to the readings we did in class.

For example, link where "We discussed in class the nature of blogging is that many times the 'best posts' do just that -- use a small item to expound upon a larger topic." Just for the "outside" readers to follow along.

I think this is a good draft for the portfolio, but again I would give you the same advice I gave another kid in the class: don't talk about too many "bad" posts, just pick one. Nice job, man.

12:51 PM  

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