Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My $22.1 Million

15-17-43-44-48 and 29

If only I had the magical ability to overcome overwhelming odds then I'd be $22.1 million richer.

Appearently, not only do you have a better chance of being struck by lightning, but also you have a better chance of giving birth to quadruplets or finding a pearl in the oyster you are eating than you do of winning the lottery.

In fact, some economists refer to the lottery as a tax upon the poor. A disproportionate number of lower income families play the lottery in order to find an escape from poverty.

However, eight people in Lincoln, Neb. are $22.1 million richer after splitting the $365 million jackpot. And despite how much money they have spent on the lottery to this point in their lives, and no matter how much they spend from here on out, they will end up ahead of the lottery odds in the end.

This is why people keep playing.

Until you win, it can be interesting or fun to talk about what we would do with $365 million -- or even just your $22.1 million share.

So, here are 3 things I'd do with my $22.1 million cut:

1. 5 words: swimming pool full of nickels -- Does that work?

2. Step 1: Buy hybrid. Step 2: Get Xhibit to "pimp" it.

3. Buy the Kansas City Royals at market value, use remaining $22 million investing in talent.


Blogger J L said...

Thank you for ripping the royals. Do they really deserve the term "royal"? Maybe they should be the jesters, or cellar-dwellers. The latter at least sounds like some crappy horror movie. Maybe that would strike fear into the hearts of opponents. The mighty cellar-dwellers.
Sorry about the rant.

1:16 PM  

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